"Cook Quickly, Eat Healthy
Easy Egg Recipes Will Set You Free"

Familiar With This Situation?

Arriving home tired and real hungry, you want something good to eat, but neither do you have the time nor the energy to cook fancy. This happens very often right? Now what do you do?

Of course you can order a meal, but this could become an expensive affair once you get in a habit to do this, not to mention the hygiene of the food from where you order. What do you do now?

Well I’d say you stop worrying, go to your refrigerator and take out an "egg”. We all have that right?

Now you might say that egg is a breakfast thing, but I bet I can show you a number of easy egg recipes which are right for any situation and at any time of the day. They’re super fast to cook and super tasty to eat too.

Newest Egg Recipes

  1. Easy Creamed Eggs Recipe

    Make delicious creamed eggs in 15 minutes. It doesn't get creamier than this!

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  2. Easy Egg Coffee

    Take a break from you regular coffee and try this delicious egg coffee formula

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  3. Desi Egg Paratha Recipe

    Learn how Indian dhaba’s make their hot selling egg paratha

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Not Really Into Cooking? Don’t Worry

Cooking may not be everybody’s cup of tea, I understand that. You don’t have to be a great cook, to cook great, but with some time and experience you too can learn, like I did.

Here I have a lot of egg recipes that I can teach you, many of these are really straight forward to cook, but some might require preparations and skills to turn out just right. So don’t get upset, or discouraged if you can’t get a recipe to taste great the first time.

All you need is some patience and some experimentation to get good at a recipe, but I promise that most of them are quiet easy. You just need a roaring stomach to get started, and from there I will teach you the rest :)

Why Egg Recipes?

Effortless cooking

Every now and then, when we get a little too lazy to cook, we order food. And before we know it our food bills are sky rocketing like crazy.

But now with these easy egg recipes, cooking will seem like a breeze. Because they are not just simple but are totally hassle free to make.

New To Cooking? No Problem!

Rid your self from the compulsion to eat out due to limited cooking skills. Learn egg recipes, they are best way to get acquainted with cooking.

There are neither complicated techniques nor detail procedures to be followed. All these recipes are downright simple, shown step by step with photos.

Cheap And Convenient

Egg recipes are very economical to make. Because eggs and all the other stuff you will ever need to make these, are not just cheap but are probably already there in your house!

You’ll never need anything fancy, cause in my recipes I never use them .Actually I never even have them ;) and in fact every once in once in a while I even run out of the essentials. But they still turn out good. And that’s the beauty of eggs that however you make them they always taste good!

Delicious Diet Mantra

According to recent study on daily nutrition people who eat eggs at breakfast, eat less for lunch. In other words they feel fuller for longer as compared to if they would eat something else which would supply them with the same number of calories.

This really helps those of us on diet from snacking between meals and aids us in weight management. What makes eggs especially filling and great for weight loss is its combination of high proteins, moderate fat and various other essential nutrients, necessary for a healthy meal.

Eggs are nutritious, tasty and easy to cook, so what are you waiting for? Let’s cook some egg recipes!

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